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Custom Designed Food Styling Classes

Mary is now offering food styling classes in Orlando! These 1-day sessions are custom-designed to focus on an individual's interests and needs. Mary's informative workshop-style classes are popular with students at all levels.

For those investigating food styling as a career, topics may include:

  • What it takes to be a food stylist
  • How to get started in food styling
  • Equipment needed
  • Business issues
  • How to gain experience in the profession

Novice food stylists may have interest in these areas:

  • Learning how to handle particular foods
  • Choosing props for food photos
  • Developing a portfolio of work
  • Creating a website

Topics for experienced food stylists:

  • New styling techniques
  • Styling difficult foods
  • Current trends in food styling

Drawing from her 35 years of food styling experience, Mary can guide students at any level with food styling techniques for beverages, grilled foods, sandwiches, salads, vegetables, poultry, meat, ice cream or other topics of their choice.

International and domestic travelers to Orlando are encouraged to attend.

Spanish interpretation will be provided when requested!

Follow-up consulting, via Internet or telephone, is available.

Click here to contact Mary for information on class fees and schedules.

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