Mary Holloway and Wendy Morton - Food Stylists

Mary Holloway and Wendy Morton, food stylists

Mary and Wendy are a Mother-Daughter duo that started working together as food stylists thirty years ago. In the beginning, Mary, a home economist, developed recipes and styled food in her home studio. Wendy, an elementary 3rd grade student, gave creative suggestions and washed lots of dishes!

While Wendy grew up and went away to school, Mary assisted clients in creating food photos for packaging, advertising, menus, sales materials, cookbooks, web pages, billboards, television commercials, motion pictures, and even for the sides of eighteen wheelers!

In 2001, they joined forces again when Mary moved to Orlando to live near Wendy and her growing family. The mother-daughter duo has been enjoying working together ever since.

Mary and Wendy thank you for visiting their web site and hope to work with you to create magic with food!

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